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Fieldhouse USA Mansfield

Youth Spring Volleyball-2019 - 3rd/4th Grade Girls

Standings: 3rd/4th Grade Girls
Lady Impact (Flores)801.000145
Spikers (Weil)620.7575
Smashers (Watts)530.62587
Fireballs (Gorman )530.62522
My Hittas (Fowler)350.375-66
Volley Llamas (Young)170.125-103
Sugar and Spike (Herpel)080-160
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Schedule: 3rd/4th Grade Girls Team: My Hittas (Fowler)
Modified: Practice: Playoff:
Event IDDateTimeDayLocationVisitorVHomeH M P
25700013/2/20199:00 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / V11My Hittas (Fowler)0-0-0Fireballs (Gorman )25-25-0
25700093/22/20197:50 PMFriFieldHouse Mansfield / V12Spikers (Weil)25-25-0My Hittas (Fowler)22-15-0
25700123/29/20197:50 PMFriFieldHouse Mansfield / V11Sugar and Spike (Herpel)15-28-0My Hittas (Fowler)25-30-0
25700053/30/20199:50 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / V12Lady Impact (Flores)26-20-15My Hittas (Fowler)24-25-11
25700174/13/201911:30 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / V11Volley Llamas (Young)12-21-0My Hittas (Fowler)25-25-0
25700244/14/20192:40 PMSunFieldHouse Mansfield / V11My Hittas (Fowler)21-18-0Fireballs (Gorman )25-25-0
25700204/20/20199:50 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / V11My Hittas (Fowler)18-25-15Smashers (Watts)25-18-11
25700255/4/20199:00 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / V11My Hittas (Fowler)14-12-0Lady Impact (Flores)25-25-0
25700315/7/20196:10 PMTueFieldHouse Mansfield / V12My Hittas (Fowler)25-23-15Fireballs (Gorman )19-25-14
25700325/8/20196:10 PMWedFieldHouse Mansfield / V11My Hittas (Fowler)18-14-0Lady Impact (Flores)25-25-0