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Fieldhouse USA Mansfield

Youth Winter Basketball-2018 - 6th Grade Boys A Division

Standings: 6th Grade Boys A Division
Razorbacks Elite RED (Sneed)710223150730
Jayhawks* (Tanner)620210154561
Finding Me Academy Global*- (Kilgore)530216175412
Warriors (Jackson)440197201-43
North Texas Shooting Stars (Garcia)260159211-525
Texas Rebels (Waters)080131245-1147
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Schedule: 6th Grade Boys A Division Team: Jayhawks* (Tanner)
Modified: Practice: Playoff:
Event IDDateTimeDayLocationVisitorVHomeH M P
225000312/1/20187:00 PMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / B06Jayhawks* (Tanner)30Texas Rebels (Waters)15
225000512/9/20183:00 PMSunFieldHouse Mansfield / B06Warriors (Jackson)24Jayhawks* (Tanner)25
225000712/15/201811:00 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / B05Jayhawks* (Tanner)19Razorbacks Elite RED (Sneed)21
22500101/5/201912:00 PMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / B02North Texas Shooting Stars (Garcia)13Jayhawks* (Tanner)28
22500131/12/201911:00 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / B05Jayhawks* (Tanner)24Finding Me Academy Global*- (Kilgore)27
22500161/19/201911:00 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / B05Texas Rebels (Waters)8Jayhawks* (Tanner)23
22500211/27/20193:00 PMSunFieldHouse Mansfield / B06Jayhawks* (Tanner)29Warriors (Jackson)23
22500232/2/201911:00 AMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / B05Razorbacks Elite RED (Sneed)23Jayhawks* (Tanner)32
22500282/16/20195:00 PMSatFieldHouse Mansfield / B02Finding Me Academy Global*- (Kilgore)25Jayhawks* (Tanner)31
22500292/17/20194:00 PMSunFieldHouse Mansfield / B01Jayhawks* (Tanner)NARazorbacks Elite RED (Sneed)NA