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Fieldhouse USA Mansfield

Summer Youth Basketball - 2019 - 5th Grade Boys - B Division

Standings: 5th Grade Boys - B Division
DC Kings 2026 Orange* (Hulett)800238151870
Mansfield Defenders (Smith)620232160722
Next Level Elite* (Fitten)620216181352
Mansfield Tigers* (Melton)530200149513
Lobos* (Calzada)530205166393
North Texas Shooting Stars (Smith)440150187-374
Carolina* (Bardere)350134158-245
Pythons (King)350146159-135
Team Texas (Brown)080116221-1058
Mansfield Venom (Peppel)08099204-1058
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Schedule: 5th Grade Boys - B Division Team: Mansfield Venom (Peppel)
Modified: Practice: Playoff:
Event IDDateTimeDayLocationVisitorVHomeH M P
30800026/5/20198:00 PMWedFieldHouse Mansfield / B05Mansfield Venom (Peppel)16Mansfield Tigers* (Melton)31
30800106/14/20197:00 PMFriFieldHouse Mansfield / B01Mansfield Venom (Peppel)13Pythons (King)16
30800136/21/20197:00 PMFriFieldHouse Mansfield / B01Carolina* (Bardere)23Mansfield Venom (Peppel)9
30800206/26/20198:00 PMWedFieldHouse Mansfield / B05North Texas Shooting Stars (Smith)32Mansfield Venom (Peppel)19
30800247/8/20197:00 PMMonFieldHouse Mansfield / B06Next Level Elite* (Fitten)31Mansfield Venom (Peppel)16
30800287/19/20197:00 PMFriFieldHouse Mansfield / B01Mansfield Venom (Peppel)13Mansfield Defenders (Smith)28
30800347/31/20197:00 PMWedFieldHouse Mansfield / B05DC Kings 2026 Orange* (Hulett)19Mansfield Venom (Peppel)4
30800388/9/20197:00 PMFriFieldHouse Mansfield / B01Mansfield Venom (Peppel)9Lobos* (Calzada)24